Dental Implants in St. Charles – Not Just for Looks

Many people are referred to specialists for dental implants in St. Charles, IL for a variety of reasons. Much of the time people are referred to a periodontist to take care of the removal of teeth and dental implants due to periodontal disease or other causes. If a tooth needs to be removed, that in itself is not a problem, but the void that is left by the tooth that has been removed can have an effect on the surrounding teeth. Spaces left by teeth that have been removed may cause the jaw bone beneath the tooth to atrophy which means that the bone will start to recede and the other teeth in the jaw will shift and tilt.

If there is a void where a tooth has been removed from the jaw then the other teeth can dip into that void and cause damage to the gum structure. Having dental implant procedures completed can help to prevent damage to gums by placing a tooth in the space where another tooth has been removed due to severe rot or disease. Implants are designed to look and feel like real teeth and most people cannot tell the difference when they see a person who has had implants placed in their jaw. Implant success rates are extremely predictable and very rarely fail. Once implants are in place they can also instill confidence in a person because they are not self-conscious about the way their teeth look.

One of the best facilities for dental implants in St. Charles is Business Name. This is a full service facility that has completed thousands of procedures and has successfully treated patients who have had to have teeth removed. New teeth are implanted in the jaw line to preserve not only the look of the patient’s smile, but also to help their teeth to stay functional by ensuring that there is no bone loss through atrophy. If you need a tooth extracted, you should consider the second half of that procedure which is to have a dental implant inserted. It is best to have a consultation with Business name to discuss your options and the procedures that need to be completed.