Wearing Dentures: Choosing the Right Dental Bleach in Waterford, CT

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Dentist

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Denture wearers know that taking care of the plates involves cleaning them regularly. In addition to immersing them in water at night, it makes sense to invest in a good Dental Bleach in Waterford CT.
Here is what the right product will do for those dentures.

Ask About the Ingredients

When it comes to using Dental Bleach in Waterford CT, it pays to rely on the advice of a dental professional. When discussing products, ask what sort of ingredients are included in the formula. This is important, since the idea is to know what active ingredients are present and in what quantities. Doing so will make it easier to know much to use and how frequently the bleach can be applied without creating any problems.

How to Use the Bleach

The dentist can provide specific guidelines for using the product. Those guidelines are based on the type of materials used to create the denture plates, and the formulation of the bleach itself. The instructions will include tips for how long to leave the product on the plates and what it will take to rinse them properly.

What About the Frequency?

Be mindful of using the bleach too often. Doing so could weaken the dentures over time or, at least, make them look less natural. The instructions that come with the product are a good place to start, but ask the dentist before trying this type of cleaning at home. There may be factors related specifically to the patient that makes it wise to alter the frequency of use a little.

How About Bleaching in the Office?

For patients who feel uncomfortable bleaching their dentures at home, there is always the option of having the work done by a professional. Just as members of the staff can help with things like teeth whitening, they can also handle the bleaching. All it will take is making an appointment and doing the typical advance cleaning that the patient would do whenever seeing a dentist.

For patients who would like to explore this type of denture care in more detail, contact the office of Matyas & Matyas and arrange for a consultation. After a quick examination, it will not take long to determine the right product and provide help in getting the most benefits from its use.

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