Learn How to Care for Your Child’s Teeth Through the Childrens Dentist in Milford

One of the most common concerns parents have when their child visits the dentist is making sure their oral health is protected. The Childrens Dentist Milford works to inform parents how to help their young children care for their teeth so they do not begin to develop cavities and gum disease which can not only greatly affect their oral health now but also in the future. Through this information, parents can learn how to protect their child’s oral health for a healthy smile for life.

Many parents are surprised to learn how soon they should begin performing oral care practices on their child. The Childrens Dentist Milford recommends parents carefully wipe their baby’s gums after each milk feeding to remove the residue and keep their gums protected. This works in two ways. Not only does it keep the gums healthy, it also allows the baby to grow accustomed to oral care practices which will later involve a toothbrush.

Gentle brushing should begin as soon as the teeth begin to cut through. Parents should use soft baby toothbrushes for gentle care and should not use any Fluoride-based paste until the child is old enough to avoid swallowing. Flossing will not need to be carried out until the child’s teeth begin to grow together which normally will not occur until after the age of one or two.

As a child grows old enough to hold their toothbrush, the parent can allow them to begin working on their own teeth. The parent should help and supervise to make sure the teeth are carefully cleaned. Supervision should take place until a child fully demonstrates they know how to properly clean their teeth with a toothbrush and floss.

If a parent is diligent in helping their child, they will develop the right oral care practices that will keep their teeth healthy and strong. If you are a parent who is worried about your child’s oral health, visit Domain. This site will give parents all the information they need about the dental services that are available for their child. Parents should call today to schedule their child’s preventative care appointment.