What Are Dental Bridges in Lincolnwood IL

by | May 16, 2013 | Dentists

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There’s been a great deal of talk recently about dental implants. This particular dental procedure is extremely effective in permanently replacing a tooth that is missing. However, one dental procedure that can typically get lost amongst all the talk about dental implants are dental bridges. This particular dental procedure has been around for a great number of years and it is still a viable option for people who have lost teeth over the years and are tired of living with missing teeth or experiencing difficulty speaking or chewing.

Even though Dental Bridges Lincolnwood, IL has been in existence for many years, it’s not uncommon to find people who don’t actually know what a dental bridge is. In essence, dental bridges are a form of partial dentures that allow you to fill in gaps created by missing teeth.

Dental bridges consist of a wing in which false teeth are anchored in order to complete your smile. While this procedure has been around for many years, the effectiveness of a dental bridge as well is its ability to blend in with your existing teeth has gotten better as the years gone by.

From a cost standpoint, modern-day dental bridges are expensive, but they are still less costly than a typical dental implant. The average cost for a dental bridge can be anywhere from $400-$500 per wing and an additional $500-$1000 per false tooth. When you consider that the average cost of a single dental implant is anywhere from $3000-$5000 per tooth, you’ll quickly understand that dental crowns are much more affordable if you’re looking to replace missing teeth.

However, the disadvantages of dental bridges is that they don’t last as long as a dental implant. Even the finest dental bridges are only guaranteed to last anywhere from 4 to 8 years. This will mean that you will have to replace your dental bridges within this time frame where you may not have to do so with a dental implant.

If you have missing teeth, but you simply can’t afford the expense of dental implants, then you may want to consider Dental Bridges Lincolnwood IL. With its lower cost, easier integration into your existing set of teeth and its ability to blend then with the teeth you still have remaining, there are very few reasons why a dental bridge wouldn’t be a good idea for you.

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