What Are the Symptoms from Gingivitis?

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Dentist

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If you have gingivitis in the gums of your mouth, then it can lead to certain symptoms, including swollen or bleeding tissues around your teeth. Without treatment right away, this condition can spread, leading to loose teeth or tooth loss. Treatment for periodontal disease in Cary IL is necessary to remove the infection from the delicate gum tissue, but it may require visiting a dentist several times. Your dentist can clean your teeth along with removing the bacteria from the pockets that develop in the gum tissue around the teeth.

Have Surgery to Repair Your Gums

When your dentist needs to scrape away any debris that is near your dental roots or below the top of the gum tissue, you will need anesthesia to prevent discomfort. If the bottom areas of your teeth are exposed to the air, then you may have pain while chewing food or drinking beverages. After removing the bacteria and diseased tissue from your mouth, a dentist can perform surgery to cover the roots of the teeth. Today, a dentist can use a small piece of tissue that is removed from the palate of your mouth to repair the damage to your gums from periodontal disease in Cary IL.

Schedule Routine Teeth Cleaning

Your dentist will also prescribe oral antibiotics and special mouth rinses to eliminate the infection in your mouth and bloodstream. At home, you must brush and floss frequently, but you should also use an oral irrigator to remove any infection from your mouth. You should visit your dentist for routine examinations and additional cleanings for periodontal disease in Cary IL to avoid any additional oral health problems. To learn more about caring for your teeth and gums, contact Cary Dental Associates LLC with our website.

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