What Is Orthodontic Surgery – Three Reasons to See an Orthodontist

Orthodontics is a specialized dental treatment that aims to correct mispositioned teeth. It also helps in correcting jaw problems such as a temporomandibular joint. If you need braces or Invisalign to correct teeth alignment problems, then you can find an orthodontist in Bloomingdale to help you.

Why would your dentist ask you to see an orthodontist? Here are three reasons why you should see an orthodontist.

To Fix or Align Bite

Uneven bite (overbite or underbite) can damage your temporomandibular joint in the long run. This joint (TMJ) connects your jaws. Because your bite is uneven, the enamel of your teeth scratches off from your TMJ from time to time. It can damage the side of your mouth or tooth over time.

To Improve Facial Form and Look

The way your teeth appear affects your overall appearance, especially your face. If you have an uneven bite or missing teeth, it can create a negative impact on your face. Some people with protruding lips or mouth because of their teeth’s position often get braces or Invisalign – a service that an orthodontist can provide for you.

To Improve Speech

A speech problem is often caused by having a short tongue or when the tongue is not in the right spot because a tooth is blocking it. When a tooth affects the positioning of the tongue, it can cause slurred speech or problems in pronouncing specific letters like “r” or “s.” An orthodontist in Bloomingdale can fix this by aligning the teeth.

Don’t be surprised if your dentist asks you to see an orthodontist. You can find an orthodontist in Bloomingdale to help correct any teeth problems you have. Be sure to check out Pure Dental Spa and talk to their skilled and licensed orthodontists.