What Qualities Make a Good Family Dentist?

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Dentists

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A good Family Dentist Cincinnati OH should be able to handle just about any general dentistry service. This not only includes regular exams and teeth filling, but also should include other services such as orthodontics. What are some of these services, and what should be expected when visiting a general dentist?

Most people will need common services like teeth cleaning, x-rays, and drilling for fillings. A dentist first examines the mouth while looking for signs of decay or gum disease. If you have any cavities, they can take care of them immediately, and may even use a tooth colored filling instead of the old-style metal colored material. Cleaning should be done every six months in order to help keep teeth healthy and cavity-free. The dentist will simply use a special paste with a fine grit that is applied with a special electric cleaning tool.

Family dentists are experts in orthodontics, as braces are often a service provided to children in order to straighten their teeth early in life, when it is easier. The most popular option today is called Invisalign because the appliance can barely be seen. It straightens teeth without using any unsightly metal brackets or wire. Kids are often very apprehensive about getting braces due to be teased as a “metal mouth,” so this should make the process less anxiety-inducing for them.

Payment matters are important when selecting a Family Dentist Cincinnati OH. Dentists require payment upfront for services, whether it is in the form of insurance, or cash/check/credit. Almost all accept insurance plans. It is best to call around and make sure that a particular company plan is accepted. Patients on Medicaid need to do this as well, because not all dentists accept it. For those paying out of pocket, a payment plan may be offered. Another option involves lines of credit that are established exclusively for health care services.
Learning about dentists and the services that they offer can help alleviate some of the fear that many people have about going to see them.

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