What To Expect From An Implant Dentist In Plano TX

In Texas, dental professionals provide cosmetic services that offer restorative benefits. When reviewing the options, the patients discover that dental implants are a beneficial and more permanent solution to tooth loss. The implants are installed permanently and don’t present the same hindrances as dentures or temporary bridges. Reviewing what to expect from an implant dentist in Plano TX shows patients how the devices improve their smile.

Assessing the Strength of the Patient’s Jaws

The dentist reviews the strength of the patient’s jaws. To install a dental implant, the patient’s jawbone must provide adequate support. If the jawbone isn’t strong enough, the dentist performs grafts to improve it. The number of grafts used depends on how well the procedure works.

Installing the Titanium Root

The titanium root is installed through the tooth socket and into the jawbone. It is used to connect the implant crown and keep it secure at all time. The roots are the same size as a natural tooth root, but it isn’t vulnerable to decay like a natural tooth.

Installing the Implant Crown

The implant crown is connected to the titanium root with an abutment. Essentially, the crown screws into the root and remains secure at all times. The crown looks like a natural tooth and performs in the same way. The dentist evaluates the installation during a follow-up appointment to avoid potential issues.

Explaining Risks to the Dental Implants and After-Care

Dentists that install dental implants explain potential risks that affect the implants. For example, the patient is advised to stop smoking as it damages dental implants. The dentist explains that patients with TMJ or other conditions that include grinding their teeth need a mouthguard when sleeping. The dental professional identifies substances that lead to permanent stains or other damage, too.

In Texas, dental professionals install dental implants for patients after significant teeth are extracted. The installations provide a strong option for improving the smile and restoring the ability to chew and speak properly. The devices look more natural than dentures and provide a strong product. Patients who want to learn more about the products contact an Implant Dentist in Plano TX or visit Innate Dental Solutions right now.