What to Expect from an Orthodontist in Manassas

Orthodontics is an area of science that deals with the study, diagnoses and treatments of malocclusions, or improper bites. Poor bite problems can be caused by jaw misalignment, crooked teeth, or a combination of both problems. An Orthodontist in Manassas can help find out what causes malocclusions and use treatments to correct the problem. What should you expect from an orthodontist?


If you have dental insurance that covers it, an orthodontic consultation may be a freebie. If not, it’s a low-cost exam and consultation that help determine the best course of action for a patient. The initial exam and consultation is the first step in getting started with an orthodontist.


Once the orthodontist has had a look in your mouth via x-rays and physical oral exam, he/she will offer recommendations on how to proceed with fixing your tooth or jaw problems. This can range from invisible or clear aligners to full metal wires and brackets. You may also have to consider other appliances to help with thumb sucking or jaw realignment.

Personalized Care

Braces require a lot of attention regardless of the type you accept. Some aligners have to be replaced every two weeks and metal wires and brackets require replacing and tightening as recommended until they are removed. During this time, which can range from one year to three years, you will receive personalized care and a lot of attention.


Metal wires and brackets require that you restrict some of the foods and beverages you consume. For instance, sodas (regular or diet) are bad for your teeth anyway, but with metal in your mouth, it can cause aesthetic problems for you after they are removed. Invisalign (if offered by your dentist) is a system that aligns teeth and can be removed for eating so there are not restrictions with that system of teeth straightening.

It’s important to that you report any irritations or sores that you get while you are wearing metal or invisible teeth straightening appliances. Your orthodontist can help relieve the pain and irritation or at least offer you suggestions on how to avoid the problem. With proper maintenance and regular orthodontic and dental visits, you can have a mouthful of beautiful, straight teeth.