Why You Should Consult With A Cosmetic Dentist In Rockville

by | Aug 13, 2013 | Dentistry

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If the past is any indication of what the future holds, then consider the world of dental cosmetics to become even more popular, easier and less expensive than what it is currently. Close to 100% of the general population believe that a good smile is very important. As a matter of fact, most people will judge a beautiful person on their smile. If you are interested in changing your smile consult with a Cosmetic Dentist in Rockville.

Of the close to 100% of the population that will judge a person by their smile, close to 75% of those people also think that a bad smile can have a negative impact on their career, love life, friendships and other interpersonal relationships. With the amount of cosmetic dentistry that is currently available at affordable prices, a nicer smile should be on the budget of anyone looking to improve in these areas.

So, let’s get specific on what a good smile means? In the same study that rated the smile, the first important aspect that was mentioned was the straightness of the teeth. After straight, white came in at a close second. While the sincerity of the smile can’t be helped with RnD Dentist Rockville, it was still listed as number three. Lastly, missing teeth and sparkle rounded out what people liked most. Four out of five important characteristics can be helped with cosmetic dentistry.

An unattractive smile was characterized by discolored teeth, missing, crooked, decaying, gaps, or dirty teeth. The most common thing that people would like to have done for their teeth is a whitening procedure. Coincidentally enough, the whitening procedure can be the most cost effective, quick treatment for anyone wanting to improve their smile right away.

In office teeth whitening or home whitening systems are very popular. An over the counter procedure can be purchased for under $40 and can be effective right away. Since the amount of bleach in the treatment is lower than if a doctor prescribed it, the effects will not last long and will have to be repeated to maintain a brighter a smile. An office visit for whitening teeth is considerable more but will maintain its shine for a longer duration.

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