What to Expect From Surgical Tooth Extractions in Pampa, TX

Ideally, permanent teeth should last a lifetime. Sometimes, though, despite taking care of them properly and seeing the dentist regularly, teeth must be extracted. This might happen if the patient needs orthodontic treatment and there isn’t enough space in the mouth to effectively straighten the teeth or maybe because a young adult doesn’t have enough room for their wisdom teeth to come in without affecting the rest of the teeth. Teeth can also be removed due to infection or severe decay. Some patients opt to have teeth extracted rather than pay for expensive treatments to save the problem teeth.

While some teeth can be removed easily because they are visible above the gum line, others require surgical tooth extractions in Pampa, TX. When a surgical extraction is necessary, an incision may need to be made into the soft tissue in the mouth in order to completely remove the tooth as well as the root. Anesthesia may be used for patients who are anxious during the procedure or for young patients who are not likely to sit still these details.

After surgical tooth extractions in Pampa, TX, it’s important for patients to follow the directions provided by their doctor. Pain medication may be prescribed for use in the first few days after the tooth is extracted, and the patient may need to avoid hard foods for a couple of days. Some swelling is normal, and ice may reduce the swelling as well as numb some of the pain after the procedure. The aftercare directions provided by the doctor or nurse should list complications to look out for and when to contact the doctor.

Whether the tooth is extracted to make room for other teeth or because it was decayed and couldn’t be repaired, a follow-up visit to the dentist may be necessary after the area has healed. With the problem tooth or teeth out of the way, the dentist can evaluate the condition of the remaining teeth and move forward with the prescribed treatment plan. There’s a lot to understand about surgical tooth extraction, and patients can Get additional info here before scheduling their procedure. Visit website to know more.