What to Expect From Teeth Cleaning in Salisbury NC

Teeth cleaning procedures help individuals to protect the health of their teeth. This procedure removes the stubborn plaque and tartar that can build up on teeth. Even with proper brushing, there are some areas that can be missed. Knowing what to expect from Teeth Cleaning in Salisbury NC helps patients to be prepared for their procedure so they will not be so nervous.

What Happens During a Cleaning Procedure?

During the procedure, the patient will lie comfortably in the examination chair and can relax. This is a great time to read, listen to music, or play phone games. The hygienist will first carefully floss all of the patient’s teeth. Flossing is crucial because it removes the plaque that gathers between the teeth. This plaque makes the teeth vulnerable to developing cavities on the sides of teeth, where they are difficult to fill.

The next step is brushing the teeth. The hygienist has special tools that allow them to thoroughly brush all areas of the mouth, including the back teeth, which can often be missed. The goal of this treatment is to make sure the teeth are completely free of any plaque and tartar that could make them weaken and become decayed.

The hygienist will also carefully examine the teeth to ensure there are no obvious issues that need to be reported to the dentist. If the patient’s teeth cleaning is followed up by a dental examination, they will have their Fluoride treatment applied after the exam, otherwise, the treatment will be carried out immediately after the Teeth Cleaning in Salisbury NC.

Seek an Appointment

Individuals need to make sure they see the dentist as often as recommended. Teeth cleanings need to be carried out at least twice a year so a patient’s teeth are not compromised. Those who would like to learn more about this or other dental services need to visit us. Call the office right away if you would like to schedule your teeth cleaning appointment. They will work to help protect the health of your smile so it will stay beautiful for life. Do not neglect your dental health by waiting too long to schedule.


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