What Types of Situations Call for the Use of Dental Crowns

While many people have heard of dental crowns near Lakeview, they tend to think of them as being a strictly cosmetic resource. While there is no doubt that crowns do help improve appearance, they also provide a number of practical benefits. Here are a few examples to consider.

Providing Support for Weak Teeth

A tooth can be weakened by any number of issues. Decay certainly weakens the overall integrity of a tooth. If the patient happens to bite on something that is especially hard, the possibility of cracking a tooth is very real. When these types of situations exist, dental crowns can help provide a lot of strength for the tooth. One the decay is removed, and a filling is in place, the crown helps to add more stability. In the case of the cracked tooth, the crown provides a barrier that helps to reduce pressure on the tooth.

Adjusting the Shape of a Tooth

When a tooth has a jagged appearance either due to damage or natural formation, considering the use of dental crowns near Lakeview makes sense. A crown will help provide the tooth with a normal appearance that does help to improve the look of the teeth. In some cases, that crown will also aid in making it easier to chew and avoid the collection of food particles in hard to reach places. With the latter benefit, the process of keeping the teeth clean will be much easier.

Holding a Bridge in Place

For people who need dental bridges, there is the desire to make sure the bridge is as stable as possible. The application of crowns to the teeth on each side of the bridge will aid in that process. As a result, the patient will feel more comfortable in social situations and also find it easier to chew without feel self-conscious or compensating for a bridge that seems to slip a little out of place with each chew.

People who believe they could benefit from a crown can contact Family Dental Care and arrange to see a professional. After the first consultation, it will be much easier to determine what type of dental work would benefit the patient. Visit ChicagoFamilyDentalCare.com for more information!