What you Need to Know About Teeth Whitening in Cincinnati

A lot of people feel embarrassed about their teeth once they start to discolor. For this reason, Teeth Whitening Cincinnati is an option for many people. Teeth whitening lightens teeth and removes stains and discolorations. This is done using special bleaches or whitening gel. Your teeth lose their natural color with age. As you grow up, your teeth are exposed to certain foods, drinks like coffee and red wine and tobacco, which darken teeth.

Teeth Whitening is an area of cosmetic dentistry, not dental health care. This has often made some people skeptical about it, arguing that it may permanently destroy a person’s teeth without the benefit of health. However, when done right with the help of an experienced general dentist, the pros of teeth whitening outweigh the cons.

Options for Teeth Whitening

In-office bleaching, which is done in a professional dentist office

Home bleaching where a patient bleaches his/her teeth at home under the instructions of a qualified dentist

Over the counter products

In beauty salons and spas

Professional dentists always recommend in-office bleaching and home bleaching under the supervision of a credible dentist. These are the safest and most effective ways of whitening teeth. The last two do not involve any professional assistance and can cause root damage or chemical burns to the gums.

Before teeth whitening, the dentist has to thoroughly examine the patient to ascertain his or her dental history. In instances of tooth sensitivity, the dentist advises the patient on the precautions to take and the most appropriate chemical bleach to use.

Additionally, teeth whitening is not recommended if there is tooth decay or gum disease. The chemicals that are used for bleaching can reach the inner parts of a tooth that has cavity and damage the inner tissues. Therefore, cavities have to be treated before your teeth are whitened.

Effective teeth whitening in Cincinnati is not an instant process. It may take several sessions to get the desired outcome. Sometimes, it needs to be done continuously to maintain the whiteness.

The dentists at Afinia Dental are experienced in carrying out teeth whitening procedures for clients in Cincinnati. Their objective is to provide top-notch dental care services, and enhancing your look is one of their specialties.

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