Veneers: A Popular Type Of Cosmetic Dentistry

 A smile, like a picture, takes the place of a thousand words. It is a means of self-expression. It is how many people first perceive you. It is one way you establish that oh so important first impression.

To most Americans, a smile is a very important asset in their lives. Not everyone has the kind of smile he or she wants. Fortunately, they can achieve it. All it takes is the services of a professional cosmetic dentist. In Edmond OK and around the rest of the state, people can always rely on the best in modern cosmetic dentistry to help them smile again. In some cases, this will mean turning to the popular procedure of veneers.

What is a Veneer?

A veneer is generally described as a thin shield or shell comprised of pieces of porcelain or composite material. It is used to treat chipped, discolored or stained, slightly crooked or gapped teeth.

It is currently, along with teeth whitening or bleaching, one of the most popular ways people choose to improve their smile. Yet, unlike whitening, there exists no over the counter (OTC) procedure. The application of veneers requires the services of a cosmetic dentist.

What is Involved?

Each veneer is custom made to address the dental issues of the individual. A cosmetic dentist can make them or send the requirements to a dental laboratory to be made. Your dentist will decide on what is suitable only after consulting you and examining the affected teeth. During the analysis, the cosmetic dentist may create a mock-up through cosmetic imaging to provide you with a clear picture of how the veneers will alter your current smile. He or she may even provide you with alternative “pictures” so you will be able to see potential results from various options.

This marks the first steps. The actual procedure involves:

  • # Scraping off of a miniscule layer of the tooth’s enamel to allow room to attach the veneer while retaining or providing natural mouth/tooth functioning

  • # The application of an adhesive substance to which the veneer will stick. This is usually a strong, light-sensitive resin

  • # The attaching of the actual veneer

  • # Use of a special light to harden the resin glue and keep the veneer firmly into place

After the procedure, the cosmetic dentist may ask you to wear a night guard. This will act to protect your real teeth from the porcelain veneers that could damage them.

If you think veneers are the best solution, talk to your local cosmetic dentist. In Edmond OK, go online. You are certain to find a wide selection of qualified cosmetic dentists who want to help you obtain the smile that you and surely everyone deserves to have.