Why Is Seeing A Dentist Regularly Important?

Let’s face it – no one likes visiting the dentist. Just the thought of drills, needles, and sterile instruments in our mouth can make some of us go running for cover. It’s a necessary part of our overall health regime, though, to visit a dentist regularly. Your dentist Lakeview office can help keep your oral health in the best shape possible. Here are just a few reasons that seeing a dentist on a regular basis is important:

  • Keeps your teeth and gums clean and healthy: Regular cleanings and x-rays (every 6 months) will help ensure that your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible. Brushing every day is great, but dentists have brightening and cleaning agents that are stronger than your regular toothpaste. These cleaning agents effectively get rid of stubborn food stains, such as coffee, red wine, blueberries and tea.

  • Checks for any signs of problems: X-rays every 6 months will alert your dentist to any possible issues that arise – cavities, gum disease, etc. With recent x-rays to compare against current ones, your dentist can identify problems and this allows you to be able to deal with them right away, before they get worse.

  • Good oral health can prevent other problems: There is a proven link between good oral health and cardiovascular disease. Getting regular checkups can help prevent gum and other oral diseases; this can help prevent more severe conditions like heart disease, throat cancer, etc.

Just as you need to have a physical from your medical doctor every year, you should have a dental checkup at least once a year (twice is better!) Good oral health is an important part of taking care of yourself. Prevention is always better than reacting to cavities, gum disease and other unpleasant conditions (and usually more painful!) Visit us at http://chicagofamilydentalcare.com for more details. Like us on our facebook page hop over to here.