Why You Need a Teeth Whitening in Westville Dentist

Many individuals experience some discolorations on their teeth due to various causes such as poor hygiene habits, tobacco, drinking soft drinks, wine or coffee. This can lead to hesitancy to smile, especially when in a public gathering. Most teeth turn yellow as a person ages, and many with that problem have to deal with the public tendency towards yellow teeth. Experts in Teeth Whitening in Westville come in handy to help you restore your adorable smile.

Having your teeth whitened by a dental practitioner reverses the yellowing of heredity and age. It removes stains from your enamel which results to whiter teeth giving you a healthier look. You should see your dentist for oral assessment to examine your overall health and recommend the best bleaching techniques that suits your teeth best. This assessment allows your dentist to diagnose the dental problems that cause discoloration. Discolored and dark teeth may be as a result of decay or infections that if left unchecked could lead to serious complications. Faulty or decayed fillings left untreated can lead to abscess which is corrected through root canal therapy.

Dentist -supervised bleaching is more effective and safer than the current (OTC) over-the- counter products available today. Your dentist will also design treatment programs that are specific to your individual needs. These programs include the following:

Fitting mouth trays

The OTC bleaching trays do not properly fit on your jaws. This can cause potential problems to your teeth. The improperly fitted trays may leak causing less effective bleaching and possible gum irritation.

Monitoring gum sensitivity

Your dentist regulates the level of bleach used to avert or minimize any discomfort. They vary the level of bleach so that people with sensitive teeth can have their teeth bleached.

Create a treatment program

They create treatment programs to restore the natural color of your teeth. Teeth that had been restored using veneers and crowns cannot be whitened using bleaching products. Your dentist monitors the results and helps you achieve an uniform smile.

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