Sings You Need Dental Crowns in Grand Island NE

Do you need a dental crown? This is a type of covering that will be placed over the surface of your tooth to restore it to its natural state. The Crowns in Grand Island NE are made of a number of different materials, with the most common being metal, resin or porcelain. There are a number of purposes that the dental crown can serve, which includes to restore the strength and structure of your tooth, while improving its appearance. Some signs that you may need to have a dental crown are highlighted here.

You Have to Have a Root Canal

Root canals will be necessary if your tooth has become extremely decayed or if it has become infected. When your dentist lets you know that you need to have the root canal procedure, you should expect to receive Crowns in Grand Island NE when they are done.

When the actual root canal process is done, the pulp and the nerve that is inside of your tooth will be removed. Teeth that have to have the root canal procedure, can become weakened and susceptible. This is the main reason that the crown is placed on the tooth when the procedure is finished. The crown will work to restore your tooth’s function and strength.

Your Tooth May Break

If your tooth’s structure is as risk, then the culprit is usually decay. Teeth can become so decayed, that a simple filling may not be adequate to restore its strength. When this is the situation, your dentist will place a crown to ensure the tooth is protected. A crown may also be placed if you are receiving a larger filling, which will wind up compromising the strength of your tooth.

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