Are You Ready For Teeth Whitening in Fairfield County CT?

Can you imagine yourself with a beautifully white smile? If your teeth are stained, yellowed or discolored in any way, you are not going to feel happy with your appearance. Unfortunately, there are many foods, drinks and habits that can lead to stained teeth. Even the aging process will naturally yellow your teeth and cause them to darken. If you are dealing with these issues, there is help available. Through Teeth Whitening in Fairfield County CT, you can have the beautiful smile you long for, with white teeth like never before.

There are two basic options when it comes to Teeth Whitening in Fairfield County CT. You can choose to try and whiten your teeth at home, but these at-home kits are typically ineffective. They can also cause sensitivity in your teeth that may be permanent. At-home kits will normally only whiten the outermost layers of your teeth, leaving behind stains in the dentin. This does not offer you the results you are truly after.

If you want a deeper and more effective whitening, it is recommended you see the dentist for Teeth Whitening in Fairfield County CT. Through in-office whitening treatments, the dentist can protect the health of your teeth before any work is carried out. Through the use of fluoride and potassium nitrate, the dentist will work to protect your teeth from experiencing irritation and sensitivity.

The hydrogen peroxide gel is a thick gel that is placed over your teeth. The dentist will work to protect your sensitive gum tissue, so you do not experience any damage or irritation. Your teeth stains will be removed through this process and whitened to a brighter white. The results you get will depend on the degree of staining you have.

Some stains do not respond well to whitening treatments. If you have darkening and staining from certain types of antibiotics, over-use of fluoride or trauma, teeth whitening is not for you. In these cases, you may want to ask your dentist about porcelain veneers.

Whether you need an Emergency Dentist, cosmetic or general dentistry services, visit for more infromation. Through these services, you can have the beautiful smile you have always wanted. For more information Contact Elke Cheung Dentistry today.