Removable Partial Dentures in Peachtree City, GA

Dentists offer patients full and partial dentures in Peachtree City, GA. Partial dentures are a much better option for those patients that have lost a few or a significant number of teeth in their lower jaw. Like many others, you may imagine dentures are only for those people who do not have any teeth. However, partial dentures exist for those in-between patients that still have some remaining healthy teeth.

Lower Costs

Partial Dentures In Peachtree City, GA, are a popular choice for patients on a budget. Do you have dental insurance? Do you struggle to make ends meet each month? A dentist may suggest dental implants as a permanent solution to replace your teeth. However, dental implants are very expensive. Dentists must drill into your jawbone and screw on the implant. Dentures are less invasive and cheaper. In some cases, additional teeth can be added to partial dentures. You can pay for these additional services as they are rendered.

Temporary Dentures

Partial dentures are removable. You can take them out if they become uncomfortable during the day, to clean, and to sleep. The versatility and low cost of partial dentures are what attract most patients to this service. A dentist will order customized dentures to match your natural teeth. During the intermittent time, the dentist may offer temporary dentures. Temporary partial dentures may not fit perfectly and feel bulky in your mouth. However, they will help you eat and provide support to your healthy teeth.