Bright Healthy Smiles are Available Through Dentist San Bernardino Today!

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Dental Care, Dental Implants

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Maintaining a healthy smile is important to your overall dental health, which is where Dentists San Bernardino can help. These well-trained dentists offer routine cleaning, preventive, and repair services to keep your smile white and in great condition. They also provide restorative options for existing dental problems or issues. Each member of this team possesses credentials from an accredited dentistry school and a valid state license. With these credentials, you find a long list of satisfied patients with healthy gums and teeth. Their existing clientele provides positive reviews of the dental services and customer care they have received with this team of professionals.

Preventive care includes routine cleanings every six months to infuse teeth with fluoride and evaluate any existing dental problems. The assistants perform digital x-rays to review past repair work to assure patients that their fillings or other fixtures are still functioning properly. These tests also determine if the patients have hidden dental cavities or other potential hindrances. During the process of these preventive services, the assistants educate patients of the latest methods used today to maintain a bright smile and prevent damage due to neglect or improper brushing or flossing. These services are provided to young and older patients to aid them in maintaining healthy mouths. The assistants and dentists are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may possess during your dental visit.

Restorative services from Dentist San Bernardino are a wide range of options to repair damaged or missing teeth. These choices include composite fillings to repair areas where teeth are worn or broken as well as crowns that fit teeth to provide a healthier smile. Dental partials replace missing together to bridge gaps or spaces to ensure that the patient’s smile is complete. These options are available as removable bridges or permanent selections, which are attached to gums with cement-based adhesives. Dental implants are resin-based teeth replacements, which screw into the gums and replace missing teeth. This is an idyllic solution when a tooth is damaged beyond repair without the patient suffering from a less aesthetic smile. Root canals are used to repair teeth that are damaged throughout the root. This option prevents tooth loss due to damage. Some restorative methods are considered cosmetic, which includes the use of veneers and porcelain replacement options


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