Getting Dental Implants Summerlin

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Dental

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Having a hole in your smile is going to have an effect on your self esteem. If you look in the mirror and see a broken tooth, or one that has been completely knocked out, there is a good chance that you aren’t going to feel too much like smiling. With this in mind, your self esteem is probably not where it should be, as you tend to shy away from circumstances where you are going to smile and show off your teeth. The thing is, there is no reason to take this hit with your self confidence. If you are missing a tooth, or have one or more that are simply unattractive to look at, there are plenty of dental implants Summerlin options that you have at your disposal to try out.

For those who have not been privy to the latest advances in the cosmetic dentistry market over the last few years are going to be surprised when they go to their dentist and ask about implants. Gone are the days where implants had to be done in bridges and never were able to bond to the root, today’s newer implants have been made to look, act, and feel like a real tooth. It replaces the tooth not just in look, but also in strength as it eventually bonds to the jaw bone, making itself as permanent as any other tooth in your mouth. Plus, it can be properly “stained” to make it look like any other tooth you have, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the way that it looks in your mouth. These implants allow a person to have a complete smile.

In addition, there are crowns and veneers that can be used, all of which allow the tooth to have a clean, natural look like the rest of your mouth. These options can be used for teeth that are not broken, but may be dead or cracked in some way. If you are interested in the latest in dental implants in Summerlin, it is time to visit your dentist to see just what can be done for your new smile.

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