Questions to Ask a Dental Clinic in Eagan MN Concerning Crowns

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Dentist

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What is the need for a dental crown procedure? Once it is determined that a dental crown is the procedure a patient needs, the Dental Clinic in Eagan MN prepares the tooth, that is, he or she makes the necessary reductions to accommodate a crown. Once prepared, an impression is made with the chosen material and then a temporary crown is made. This information is sent to the dental laboratory and the crown is designed for that patient. Once it comes back, the patient is called back into the office so the dentist can cement the crown in place.

What’s the dissimilarity between porcelain, zirconia and metal crowns? Metal crowns have two types, one which has no noble metal content and the other has a high content of noble metal. The biggest difference circles around some people noticing allergies caused by the high nickel content. The Dental Clinic in Eagan MN can have all the experience in the world, but metal imbalances in the body can become a serious problem.

Many dental clinics use metal crowns that are high in precious metals, which guarantee them a better result, and the patient also avoids allergy problems during the restoration. Metal has been used for decades and studies have proven this to be a brilliant choice when very strong bites are present. In fact, they are used a lot because they are resistant and can have some flexibility that prevents breakage. Porcelain and zirconia crowns are practically sisters.

Porcelain crowns have properties that are resistant but inflexible, and these are ideal when you have to restore front teeth that do not have strong bites, as they have a better cosmetic result compared to metal crowns. This option is not recommended when you have to replace back teeth because fractures can occur. Studies show that these work for the aforementioned situations. Zirconia crowns are porcelain crowns reinforced by zirconium oxide, which provides more resistance properties to the porcelain infrastructure. A Dental Clinic in Eagan MN may recommend them for front teeth and are very specific to the back teeth. Porcelain crowns were introduced about a decade ago and studies of this material do not exceed 15 years.

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