Dental Implants Charleston, SC: Replacing A Missing Tooth

It is possible to replace a single or all teeth using dental implants. The dentals appliances are made of Titanium–metal that is usually inserted into the jawbone and it never causes any reaction in patients. Dental implants serve as the artificial root to which new teeth are bonded, and they also give great structural support. They also last longer than dentures or dental bridges. There are many types of Dental Implants in Charleston, SC. Below are some of them.

A platform implant
This is always done when a jawbone cannot support a root implant because it is not broad enough to support a root implant. The plate form dental implant is thin and long, and it fits well with thin jawbones.

The Subperiosteal implant
This is done when the jawbone can no longer support a permanent implant. The implant is not placed in the jawbone like the other types of dental implants. They get embedded in the gums and are placed on top of the bone.

The dentist has to make a model of the jawbone and mouth and uses an anesthesia. This means that the implants get constructed in a dental lab so that they fit the patient’s jaw. The jawbone gets exposed, and the dentist inserts the dental implant on top of it. The gums grow up around the implant in a duration of one month. The same implant can be done by doing a CAT scan of the jawbone and the gum line.

A root implant is the most common of all dental implants. The shape and size of a tooth get mirrored by this type of implant. For the dentist to reach the jawbone, they make an incision after having used an anesthetic. The dentist then carefully inserts the dental implant into the jawbone.

After doing that, the dentist stitches the gum and also gives the patient a prescription for the medicine that they will use. It takes 3-8 months for the jawbone to attach itself firmly to the dental implant, and after the process is complete, the new tooth can be fitted to the dental implant.

After the dental implant has been done, a person should practice proper dental hygiene. Bacteria attack gums and teeth that are not well cleaned. You can visit a specialist of Dental Implants in Charleston, SC at Tatum Dentistry.


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