Dental Services In Loveland CO Will Give You A Great Smile And Outstanding Oral Health

A smile and oral health are more important than just looking great. Good oral care can help to keep someone healthier. Decaying teeth can release bacteria into the bloodstream causing serious infections in someone’s heart that could require surgery or even death. Dental Services in Loveland CO can eliminate this problem from occurring by teaching children through senior citizens how to properly care for their teeth at home. Regular dental cleanings and checkups are other important components to remaining healthy and maintaining a great smile.

Dental Services in Loveland CO can include:

* Same-day CEREC crowns.

* Dentures.

* Bridges.

* Dental Implants.

* Root canal treatment.

* Sedation dentistry.

* Wisdom tooth removal.

* Tooth extraction.

* Treatment for periodontal disease.

* Bonded fillings.

* Tooth whitening.

* And much more.

Cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of the teeth. Tooth whitening in a dental office will take approximately an hour. The dentist will protect a patient’s gums and lips from becoming irritated during the procedure. Tooth whitening is a great solution for teeth that have been discolored due to stains and a variety of other problems. Home whitening kits that are available at the store, won’t whiten the teeth as quickly or as evenly as the dentist can do. Home kits don’t offer any type of protection against irritation to the gums and lips. The solution a dentist’s office uses is much more concentrated. Home kits can take several weeks or months to achieve results close to what someone wants.

Dental implants can permanently replace teeth that are missing. This type of procedure takes three to four visits to complete but offers a permanent solution. The dentist must give the patient a thorough examination to ensure their jawbone is stable enough to have a titanium post inserted. After the post has been inserted, a patient must wait several weeks for healing to complete. Once healed, a patient can return to the dentist’s office to receive a new permanent crown. It can be brushed or flossed like any natural tooth and will be the same color as the other teeth.