What Is Laser Dental Treatment?

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Dental Care

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You may have heard of laser dental treatment, but are not sure what exactly it entails. Well, simply put it uses a laser to perform the same jobs as traditional methods, but much faster, easier, and often safer. So, should you consider getting laser treatment in Adelaide?

Tooth Decay

Lasers can be used to easily remove tooth decay from a cavity before applying the filler material. This means your dentist is able to clean the cavity without using a drill and damaging more healthy tissue in the process of preparing the tooth for treatment.

Teeth Whitening

The laser can also be used to speed up teeth whitening procedures. This is only for professional whitening procedures but works by being used in conjunction with a peroxide bleaching solution. This solution is applied to your teeth, then is activated by the laser. The laser itself is not doing any of the work but is instead acting as a catalyst for the peroxide solution to simply speed up the procedure.

Why Use It?

Yes, lasers can be used for a number of dental jobs, but why bother with them at all? Traditional methods work, so why do we need to invest time and money developing newer methods? Simply put, lasers are better. Because lasers can be far more precise than traditional methods, they cause less damage to living tissue. This results in less swelling, less pain, and faster recovery. In addition to this, it will also eliminate the need for a drill, instead of using a laser to remove decay. This can reduce the stress associated with going to the dentist for many patients who do not enjoy the drill.

Laser dental treatments are the way of the future. They are far more precise than traditional means and result in less damage, pain, and inflammation. This makes them the clear choice for future developments and should put them in a position to replace traditional methods in the coming years. Contact National Periodontics today!

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