Dentistry in Midwest City OK: Why Dental X-Rays are Still Important

Dentistry in Midwest City OK is much more than a quick teeth cleaning and filling of a cavity or two. Regular visits to the dentist can help with the early detection of a number of issues before they have the chance to turn into something that needs extensive treatment. While a physical exam of a person’s mouth can reveal some problems, there are a number of oral diseases that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This is why x-rays are still a crucial part of preventative dental care. The x-rays are used to take pictures of the bones, teeth and surrounding soft tissues and can be instrumental in revealing issues with the jaw, mouth and teeth.

Problems Detected by X-Rays

An essential part of Dentistry in Midwest City OK is x-rays. These help to protect a person’s teeth and gums and ensure there are no serious issues lurking beneath the surface. Some of the issues x-rays can detect include:

* Tumors, cysts and abscesses

* Teeth positioned incorrectly

* Oral infections

* Impacted teeth

* Gum disease

* Location of the permanent teeth in children who have baby teeth

* Broken tooth roots

* Issues with the bone supporting the teeth

In addition to detecting issues prior to any symptoms being evident, a dentist can also use the x-ray to create a treatment plan.

Dental X-Ray Frequency

The dentist will only need to take x-rays when they are needed for the treatment and diagnosis of an oral health issue. The frequency these will be taken will be dependent on the person’s age, health and other signs of oral health issues. If someone is not at high risk for cavities and does not have any current decay, then adults will receive x-rays every two to three years, teens every one and a half to three years and young children every one to two years.

Sunnylane Family Dentistry offers additional information about x-rays and why they are so important for overall dental health. For those who have not been to the dentist in a while, making an appointment now is a good idea. There may be issues that are unseen lurking under the surface of their teeth and gums.

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