Family Dental in Billings MT Can Perform Many Dental Treatments

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Dental Services

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It’s very convenient when parents can bring all of their family members to Family Dental in Billings MT for their check-ups and treatments. They may have to make sure that their ten year-old gets the proper sealant on their molars to prevent cavities, while one of their parents get their dentures fixed. The dentist in this office can handle general dentistry tasks such as filling cavities, use Cosmetic Dentistry techniques to transform a person’s smile and replace missing teeth with dental implants. However, patients have to be able to access this dental health care easily. Therefore they treat patients late in the afternoon until 6pm and have Saturday appointments from 9am to 2pm.

Family Dental in Billings MT professionals know that a beautiful smile gives a person the confidence to have a rewarding social life and a sucessful career. They also know that dental treatments such as Invisalign teeth straightening treatments and porcelain veneers are very expensive and can be difficult to fit into a family budget. Therefore they accept allmost all dental plants, credit cards and even reduced fee programs for people who don’t have insurance. Patients who are concerned about the cost of treatment are encouraged to discuss this with the office staff.

Many retirees have found part-time work to augment their retirement income. Therefore it is common today for people with dentures to be in the workforce. When they break and can’t be worn, the person may not feel comfortable going to work without their teeth in. The dentists and Family Dental in Billings MT are committed to fixing the problem as soon as possible.

Dental Emergencies in Billings MT can happen and the dentists at this office want patients to call when they need to be helped quickly. They can also just walk in. Elderly people can fall and chip a tooth or a teen can knock out a tooth during a biking accident. The dentist can use bonding to repair a chipped tooth or a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. In just a few months the teen will have an implant with a crown on it that will last for many years.

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