Eliminate Problems From Missing Teeth With Bridges in Bethesda MD

There are many dental problems that can affect the teeth and overall health such as cavities and gingivitis. However, one of the more difficult problems to deal with is missing teeth because gaps in the teeth can cause the remaining ones to shift. When the teeth begin to shift not only do they loose alignment, but they may become loosely attached to the gum and jawbone. Plus, loose teeth can affect the way that people chew and speak. One solution to missing teeth is quality Bridges in Bethesda MD.

Bridges can be placed in two ways. The first and most common uses a dental appliance that is secured to the surrounding teeth. This works fairly well, but there are some issues. For instance, if the bridge is used replace the back molars, then there is a chance that it can only anchor on one tooth. This is not a very strong method for keeping the bridge stable, so the use of a dental adhesive may be required. Another concern is that this method of bridge application may fit loosely and cause problems when eating or speaking. Thankfully, there is an alternative known as implants.

Dental implants are a great way to replace a single tooth. This dental procedure works by using an inert material such as titanium as a replacement root. In the case of Bridges in Bethesda MD, the dentist will place multiple implants or anchors, typically two, to secure the prosthesis. Some preparation may be required, however, because the dentist will need to ensure correct bone density. This is necessary because the anchor will be under some stress whenever biting or chewing is going on.

Combining bridges with implants may be the best way to eliminate certain dental concerns. Problems such as massive cavities may be easier to repair by extracting the damaged tooth instead of attempting to remove all the decay and root pulp. Of course, if too many teeth are missing or the remaining teeth might need to be extracted later on, then it may be better to consider a denture. Dentures can also be secured using an implant and implant technology actually improves the comfort and reliability of the appliance. Learn more about bridges from the experts at Aspen Hill Implant & Family Dentistry PC.