Finding A New Dentist When You And Your Family Relocate

Regardless of whether you move from one side of town to the other; or from one side of the country to the other, it means you will have a long “to do” list at both ends. When you arrive in your new home the first order of the day is unpacking, then comes organizing all your possessions and finally you have time to find new doctors, dentists, electricians, plumbers and everyone else that you need to keep you healthy and happy.

A key requirement is finding a new dentist in Mount Prospect, if you have had to leave behind a dentist that you have trusted for years it can seem rather daunting to think you have to start all over.

Finding a new health care professional is not something that should be left to chance, take time to choose wisely. There are a couple of tips that can help.


You will have new neighbors and co-workers, as you get to meet them ask them if they can recommend a dentist. There is no better source for information on the personality of the dentist and staff, find out if the dentist is prompt or do patients have to wait well beyond their appointment time. Get as much information as you possibly can but never forget, your expectations and perceptions can be very different from someone else’s.

Arrange for a consultation:

Once you have a few names that came highly recommended, contact the dentist’s office and arrange to visit. While you are there you can have a “one on one” with the dentist in Mount Prospect along with a chance to meet members of the staff. This is an ideal time to discuss dental insurance, policies and accepted procedures. This initial get-together can certainly help you decide if the dentist is the right one for you.

Don’t take choosing a new dentist in Mount Prospect lightly, if you take your time and make the right choices from the outset you can rest assured that you have found a dentist that you can be happy with for years.

If you are looking for a general and cosmetic dentist in Mount Prospect you are invited to arrange a consultation with James Kakos DDS and his staff. And you can also visit for more details.


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