Emergency Tooth-Cleaning Tips from a Dentist in Honolulu

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Dentist

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Now that the hottest months of the year are here, everyone’s starting to plan a vacation or at least a weekend away. People spend hours packing snacks, clothes, toiletries, medications and everything else they think they’ll need-;but they leave without a toothbrush. What does a person do when they’re on vacation without a toothbrush? Below are five emergency solutions.

Tip #1: If a person doesn’t have a toothbrush, they should still try to clean their mouths of harmful bacteria, and a paper towel can work in a pinch. Find the thickest paper towel possible, wet it, apply a bit of toothpaste and wrap it around a finger. Place the finger along the gumline and scrub outward in a gentle motion, following the same technique on each tooth. Scrub the tongue as well as is possible, and rinse the mouth well.

Tip #2: If they’ve forgotten a brush and toothpaste, this tip is perfect. Start by washing the hands with warm water and soap, but don’t fully dry them. With a wet index finger, scrub each tooth’s front, back and chewing surfaces carefully. Follow up with a wipe from a wet, clean paper towel, if possible.

Tip #3: If there’s no toothpaste and no toothbrush available, but there are some basic ingredients, a dentist in Honolulu will say that it is possible to make a temporary toothpaste to use in conjunction with tips #1 and #2. All that’s needed is some salt, water and/or baking soda. A bit of salt or baking soda dissolved into water acts as a gentle abrasive, and can take the place of toothpaste on an emergency basis.

During the summer, or at any time when someone is away and finds themselves without a way to clean their teeth, the tips above should be followed. While the information given here isn’t meant to provide a long-term solution, and while toothpaste should be used as quickly as possible, it can help to keep harmful mouth bacteria at bay. Keeping up with dental appointments at the office of a Dentist in Honolulu is equally important in maintaining the health of a person’s teeth and gums.

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