Important Questions Answered About Visiting An Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ

by | Aug 13, 2015 | Dental

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Before visiting an Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ, it’s only natural for a person to wonder all types of things about oral surgery. Most people seem to be worried about discomfort. The truth is that the discomfort that people feel after oral surgery can vary a great deal. If the same surgery is done to five different people, there will very likely be five varying descriptions regarding the discomfort and the recovery period. If a surgeon has to perform work on bone, there may be a dull ache that persists for the initial recovery period. Fortunately, prescription medications can help people deal with any discomfort.

After visiting an Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ for oral surgery, it’s not uncommon for people to experience some type of swelling. The swelling will usually hit its peak a few days after the surgery is done. In order to keep swelling down, a patient should use ice as soon as possible after the surgery. Some people neglect the time period directly following surgery. They think they can just ice down the area when if it starts to swell later on. In reality, it’s best to use ice even if it doesn’t seem like any swelling will happen. If the swelling is bad, it will usually resolve itself within a couple of weeks. If there is a lot of swelling after one week of recovery, a followup trip should be made to the surgeon.

People who visit Westfield Oral Surgery or any other facility for surgery will often wonder about anesthesia. Some people are actually concerned that they will wake up during surgery. The good news is that patients are closely monitored during surgery. Medication can be given at a precise dose to ensure that the patient remains under the effects of the anesthesia while surgery is being done. After receiving general anesthesia, it’s usually a good idea for a patient to have a ride arranged for the trip home. If not, the patient will have to wait until the effects of the anesthesia wear off. If transportation is a problem, surgeons can let patients know about any car services that are in the area. Visit here to get more details.

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