Why Get Immediate Implant Dentistry in Suffolk County NY?

by | Aug 11, 2015 | Dental Implants

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Despite what many advertisements say, Implant Dentistry in Suffolk County NY is not an option for all cases. The main advantages are the savings in time and the fact that bone resorption is reduced. Immediate implants are one of the most popular solutions on the planet. One of the solutions that people turn to after losing a tooth is the placement of an immediate implant. The possibility of having a new tooth without undergoing several interventions is very appealing to patients, but, despite what many ads and marketing campaigns say, it is something that varies case by case.

Patients often wish to have a fixed and immediate prosthesis, but this treatment protocol has limited indications. It is essential that the professional assess the possibilities of each case before opting for a particular option. Immediate implantation involves placing a foreign tooth root in the socket immediately after a tooth extraction (trauma or decaying teeth are some of the causes that compel this extraction). Until recently, it was necessary to wait a few months after tooth extraction before placing dental implants. Once placed, there should be a reasonable time to have your teeth fixed. But the immediate implants also involve immediate loading (implant placement, and thereafter, of the tooth), which can eliminate waiting times, although such intervention is rarely used until the final tooth is made (gum undergoes changes that must be respected for a full adjustment). Click here to learn more.

In addition to the savings of time and additional interventions, one of the great advantages of immediate implants is that bone resorption is reduced which supports the implant and the variation in the shape of the gum. However, in cases where there is an active infection, where bone is insufficient, there are problems with the gum, there is an active cystic process or the patient has habits such as bruxism, Implant Dentistry in Suffolk County NY option is not valid. Overall, the immediate loading of an implant after extraction is reserved for positive indications, in which the implant is very stable and does not need a bone graft. Contact Michael Kampourakis DDS to learn more about this procedure and many others.

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