Four Major Reasons To Ask A Dentist in Redding About Using Dental Implants To Restore Beauty and Function To A Smile

Although many people experience tooth loss, it doesn’t make it any less frustrating for patients. This loss can occur for so many reasons, including severe tooth decay and unexpected injuries. Fortunately, patients also have many different options for replacing the teeth they’ve recently lost. While things like dentures and bridges can certainly provide the patient with adequate dental function, dental implants are often considered to be one of the premier solutions to the problem of tooth loss what is the agile process. Keep reading to find out why dentists recommend implants for patients with missing teeth.

• A Dentist in Redding will often recommend dental implants to patients because they are one of the only tooth replacement solutions that can actually help patients preserve jawbone. After tooth loss, the jawbone often begins to break down because of a lack of stimulation in that area. Implants become fused to the bone, which means that they help provide the stimulation is needs.

• Those who have concerns about how much dental implants cost will be ecstatic to learn that they are actually one of the most cost-effective tooth replacement options. This is because quality implants can last a lifetime if the patient commits to a good care routine. Unlike other options, implants won’t likely need replacement after a few years.

• When placing dental implants, a Dentist in Redding won’t have to make any changes to the surrounding teeth. In order for a dental bridge to stay in place, a dentist has to grind down the adjacent teeth. Dentures sometimes require the removal of one or several teeth. Fortunately, dental implants have no impact on the patient’s other healthy teeth.

• Dental implants are the tooth replacement option with the most natural look and feel. Unlike with bridges, patients can be confident that there will be no hardware showing when they smile. Unlike some patients’ dentures, the prosthesis won’t ever move or slide around. Patients will also love the fact that the prosthesis will match the color of their other teeth so that their smile looks natural.

Having missing teeth can result in so many other issues. In addition to oral health problems, it can destroy a person’s self-confidence. Fortunately, dental implants can provide a viable way for patients to remedy these problems. Talk to the professionals at Moore & Pascarella Dental Group to discover more information about all the ways that dental implants can bring restoration to a patient’s damaged smile.