Signs that Tooth Extractions in Amarillo Texas are Needed

Proper oral health is essential for overall health and well-being. When dental appointments are kept with a professional at least twice a year, they can find any issues that may be present. One of these issues that dentists will notice and recommend treatment for is if a person needs Tooth Extractions in Amarillo Texas. However, being aware of the signs there is a problem falls to the actual person. Some of the signs that a tooth may need to be pulled can be found here.

Overcrowding or Impaction

An impacted tooth is one that has shifted or grown in the wrong position, which makes it completely useless. If the teeth are too big to fit comfortably in a person’s mouth, this is referred to as overcrowding. An overcrowded mouth can prevent some of the other teeth from erupting, which means the dentist will need to remove them to provide more space for the other teeth. In some cases, dentists will perform Tooth Extractions in Amarillo Texas prior to putting braces on a patient to ensure there is plenty of room for all of the important teeth to move to the proper position.


Another sign that Tooth Extractions in Amarillo Texas are needed is if a tooth has begun to show signs of decay that is so extensive the tooth is not salvageable. Teeth that are significantly cracked or broken are called damaged teeth and will have to be extracted since there is no way to repair them.


If a person has a tooth with decay and it is not treated properly and promptly, the decay can move into the pulp of the tooth. This can be extremely dangerous since infected pulp can spread from one tooth to the next. In most cases a root canal will be done; however, if the damage is too extensive the entire tooth may be removed.

Panhandle Dental offers additional information about when tooth extractions are needed and the process to handle the issue. While this can be an intimidating procedure, dentists know have technology that helps them minimize the pain and discomfort felt by the patient. Keeping a healthy mouth is essential to a person’s overall good health.


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