Interested in Teeth Whitening in New Brunswick? Read This First

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Dental Services

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At the dawn of the new century, dental aesthetics is a tool that health care has significantly lead in terms of changes in lifestyle and behavior. Aesthetics can be defined as anything that is pleasing to the senses, and it varies according to the time and region in which people live. This is applicable to nature, art and the human body. Increasingly, people are looking for a better look and the teeth do not escape this reality. Having a perfect smile is a desire of many patients and Teeth Whitening in New Brunswick is just one of many procedures that dentists have on-hand.

Benefits of teeth whitening

The main benefit of Teeth Whitening in New Brunswick is the personal satisfaction of having whiter teeth. This allows the patient to feel comfortable and friendly, showing their smile off like never before. Nevertheless, the psychological factor is not the only benefit as numerous studies have shown the effects of carbamide peroxide as an oral antiseptic. This is great for plaque reduction and wound healing, and it has reported no side effects up to this point.

Risks of tooth whitening and other associated factors

Its success in vital and non-vital teeth whitening is unpredictable, as the longevity of the results may not be 100% guaranteed by your local Emergency Dentist. Studies show that 50% of bleached teeth showed regression of color a year after treatment. Experts established that the treatment must be repeated every two years or less depending on the patient. Moreover, dentists report a longevity of one to three years for internal bleaching with hydrogen peroxide and sodium perborate.

Regarding treatment in non-vital teeth, dentists recommend that all intracoronal tooth whitening must be controlled for about seven years, both clinically and radiographically. If there is a cervical inflammatory response, you should begin immediate therapy with calcium hydroxide. Onsite treatment success is influenced by the cause that produced the color change; when the discoloration is caused by restorative materials containing silver and/or zinc oxide, the prognosis is guarded. Another aspect to consider is the time that has elapsed since the tooth has darkened, because Teeth Whitening in New Brunswick is more effective and faster when applied to recently darkened teeth.

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