Is It Time to Consider Teeth Whitening in Lawrence, KS?

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Dentist

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The patient does a good job of taking care of the teeth. Brushing takes place after every meal, and mouthwash is also used on a regular basis. At least a few times each week, the individual flosses between the teeth as a way to get rid of plaque. Even with all that effort, the teeth still look dingy. That is where the idea of teeth whitening in Lawrence KS comes into play.

Improving the Look

With teeth whitening in Lawrence KS, it is possible for the teeth to look as healthy as they happen to be. All sorts of things can cause staining over the years. many common beverages like coffee and tea add to the problem. People who use tobacco products are also more likely to have stained teeth. Once the whitening treatments begin, the patient will notice a difference almost immediately. It is just a matter of time before other people also notice that the teeth look better.

Smiling More

People who are not all that crazy about their yellowed teeth will avoid smiling around other people. Even when they do smile, it is likely to be one of those close-lipped smiles. When it is impossible to keep the lips closed, the individual may reach for a napkin or use the hands to smile while hiding the teeth. Who wants to go through life having to get by with that type of smile?

For those who are not comfortable smiling around others because of the teeth, whitening treatments will make a lot of difference. While it may take several treatments to remove the residue and achieve the desired level of brilliance, the time and effort are worth it. The patient will have no doubt the first time there is a reason to smile and it can be done without any hesitation.

For anyone wondering what teeth whitening can do for them, contact us today. After an examination, the dental professional can help the client set reasonable expectations for the results. In the best case scenario, the whitening will ensure that the teeth look better than they have in quite a few years.

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