Reasons to Find Teeth Whitening Treatments in Bergen County, NJ Done By a Professional Dentist

A person who is embarrassed or self-conscious because their teeth are stained or discolored may want to find teeth whitening treatments in Bergen County, NJ to help in correcting this problem. While there are many over the counter treatments designed to help in whitening teeth, they do not always work as well as one might hope. This can be especially true for people who have severe staining or discoloration issues due to medications they may have taken in the past. In such cases, seeing a dentist for professional treatments can often yield the best results.

A dentist will be able to use professional products and equipment designed to whiten and brighten a patient’s teeth to the highest degree possible. One of the first things the dentist will want to do before even beginning the whitening process on a patient is to make sure his or her teeth are professionally cleaned. This can help by removing any tartar or plaque from the teeth, so the whitening agent can begin working on removing stains or discolouration quickly.

Another advantage a patient will experience when they find teeth whitening treatments in Bergen County, NJ is the tools and equipment a dentist will be able to use in the process. Most whitening products are placed on a patient’s teeth through the use of a plastic dental tray. While retail kits do include these types of trays, they are generic and not custom fitted to the patient’s mouth. This can cause the tray to fit improperly, which can greatly affect how well the whitening product contacts the teeth. When visiting a dentist, they will custom fit the dental tray to a patient’s teeth, so all teeth will be well coated with the whitening product. This can greatly improve how well the treatment works.

Most dental professionals use whitening products containing a much higher concentration of active ingredients than those one can purchase in a retail kit. This can result in better whitening in a shorter amount of time. In addition, most dental offices will also be able to further enhance the products they use by applying a laser light or heat lamp to the patient’s teeth while the whitening product is in contact with the teeth. This can cause the product to work even more effectively and efficiently, which can be of great benefit to many patients.