What’s All the Hype About Invisalign? Is This Better Than Traditional Braces?

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Dental

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Many people likely remember those kids we went to school with that wore braces. Some of these teens were teased by the other classmates, and the noticeable metal wires over the teeth didn’t help to cut-down on the child’s embarrassment over something not even in his/her control. As a result, some adults have never gotten their crooked teeth or misaligned bite corrected. Now these individuals are wondering about what all the hype about Invisalign really means. Is this orthodontic procedure really better than those traditional braces were? There is a reputable dental team able to answer all of your questions regarding Invisalign in Evanston.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is made of clear plastic material and is comfortable to wear. When worn, this device is not noticeable to others, and the device is easily removed for brushing the teeth. Some only wear the device while asleep or when home. This procedure is simple, and this dental aid doesn’t need to be readjusted like those embarrassing braces had to be. With the available advances in computer technologies and improved dental equipment, dentists can now more precisely get a truly custom fit that is much more effective in moving the teeth into a proper position. A friendly dentist offers Invisalign at an Evanston dental practice.

Invisalign works by gently nudging the teeth into spots precisely determined for the best end treatment smile. The costs of this procedure has significantly been reduced through the years. A local dental practice even has affordable and very convenient finance options that the staff can help patients figure out. The hype is determined to be true regarding the success of Invisalign on badly crooked teeth over a shorter period of wear time than ordinary metal braces from the past. Phone Stephens Dentistry.

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