Receiving Gum Treatment at a Dentist in Honolulu

by | Oct 14, 2015 | Dental Care

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A Dentist Honolulu residents have access to is capable of not only handling routine dental services like teeth cleanings and fillings, but also offering proper treatment for gum disease. Gum treatment is essential in many cases, where the gums are badly bleeding, constantly red and sore, or pulled away from the teeth. In any of these cases, a procedure can be completed to treat the problem and return the gums to normal.

Gum Measurements

Proper gum measurements need to be taken by a dental hygienist. They will determine how much of the gums is healthy and how much is not, as well as whether the gums are pulling too far away from the teeth, and by how much. With the measurements taken, the dentist will have a better idea of how much work is needed.

Deep Cleaning

The first step of the treatment process is to deep clean the teeth and gums. This will remove any bacteria in the area and ensure a clean working surface is available for the dentist. They want to be able to see clearly to determine how bad the gums truly are.

Root Planing

The next part of the process is to complete a root planing. This is a continuation of the deep cleaning process and will further allow the dentist to see how badly off the gums look. Dental plaque will be removed, which will lead to disease-free gums. The plaque that sits on the teeth can cause serious harm to the gums and teeth, as it not only irritates the gums, but also infects them. It causes inflammation, and often, pain. Root planing will remove this plaque so no more inflammation occurs.


Patients experiencing gum disease often require antibiotics. This will help their body fight off the bacteria that have been harming their gums. With the deep cleaning and root planing procedures, paired with the antibiotics, the gums should be treated and on their way to recovery soon.

Gum disease is not something that should be taken lightly. Anyone experiencing possible symptoms, such as chronic bad breath, bleeding gums, or gums that are pulling away from their teeth, should seek the assistance of a dentist. A dentist in Honolulu residents can see is Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi DDS. He will work with each patient to assess the gum damage and work to repair what he can.

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