Root Canal Treatment: How to Deal with Cavities

Cavities are the most common dental health complications. If cavities are discovered in time, there is a possibility of restoring and salvaging the natural tooth. The process that is used in restoring a tooth with cavities is known as a root canal treatment. Here are a few things that you need to know about cavities and the procedure.

How cavities form

Cavities are the result of poor diet choices and poor dental hygiene. When a person takes foods with a high sugar and starch content, a coating of plaque forms on the teeth. Regular brushing is sufficient in removing dental plaque. However, when brushing is not done regularly, the plaque is acted on by bacteria, and this leads to the formation of acid that wears out the teeth. This corrosion leads to sensitivity at first. When it continues, holes form on the tooth affecting the dentin and pulp cavity. When the pulp cavity is affected, bacterial infection causes decay and toothache.

Dealing with the cavities

The root canal procedure is performed to deal with the cavities. These are the steps that are followed during the procedure:

*     The dentist preps the patient by administering sedatives to help them relax.

*     A local anesthetic is administered to control pain from the affected tooth.

*     The dentist uses dental dam to keep saliva out of the tooth that they want to work on.

*     A drill could be used to gain access to the pulp cavity. The dentist then removes all the infected tissue in the cavity.

*     After all the infected tissue and abscess is removed, the dentist will clean the empty cavity and sterilize it.

*     The next step involves sealing the cavity to protect it from further infection. This is done by making use of dental filler.

*     After the filling has been applied, the dentist will use a crown to cover the tooth and protect it from further damage.

Basically, that is the process followed when one is getting a root canal treatment. The treatment takes only a few days before the patient recovers completely and regains use of the tooth.  Website is one place where you can get this treatment and end toothache.