Who Can Benefit from Invisalign

If you have a dental problem that affects how your teeth are aligned, you may consider Invisalign. Roseville has dentists who specialize in Invisalign roseville. Your problem might be something as minor as crooked teeth or as serious as an overbite. Whichever the case, Invisalign is one way to correct it.

Common Conditions Treated with Invisalign

If your upper teeth bit over your lower teeth, this is what is referred to as an overbite. This condition is caused for several reasons. An overbite may be because of genetics. It could also be due to poor oral health. Also, if the bone that supports your teeth is overdeveloped, it can lead to a host of other problems, which could lead to an overbite.

This happens with your lower and upper jaws are not properly aligned. Your teeth may begin to bite the inside of your bottom teeth. The result is possible gum disease and wearing of your teeth.

Gapped Teeth
When the jawbone continues to grow, gaps occur between your teeth. When there are missing teeth, this causes the other teeth to shift, causing gaps between teeth. This can also cause gum issues since there is no tooth to protect the gum. It also increases your chances of periodontal disease.

Open Bite
This occurs when your teeth are not biting properly. This is usually as a result of abnormal jaw structure. Which in some cases is caused by years of sucking your thumb. This condition can make chewing an unpleasant experience. Open bite can also impact your speech.

Underbite is when your lower teeth come past your front teeth. This might occur when there is an overgrowth of your lower jaw or an undergrowth of a your upper jaw. If you have missing teeth, underbite can also occur. You may experience problems with the functionality of your molars and possibly your front teeth. This will eventually cause problems with your jaw joint and jaw. It may also cause your teeth to begin to show signs of wear.

Teeth Overcrowding
This condition usually happens when your jaw cannot properly fit all of your teeth in your mouth. If you have this condition, seek help from a Roseville, Invisalign dentistry to resolve the problem before it becomes worse. If you do not, it will only result in your teeth getting worse. Eventually leading to crooked teeth.