Thinking About Getting Dental Implants?

If you are missing one or more of your natural teeth, now is an ideal time to replace the tooth or teeth with South Loop dental implants. A dental implant consists of a hypoallergenic, non-reactive titanium post and an artificial tooth crown made of resin or porcelain. For more than two decades, dental implants have been the standard of care for replacing a missing tooth.

The process of getting a dental implant is straightforward. First, you visit us for a consultation. We assess your overall health and your oral health. We take some X-rays and impressions of your mouth. This gives us an idea of the amount of jaw bone mass you have. People with insufficient jaw bone mass require a bone graft before the titanium post can be surgically implanted into the jaw. When the jaw is ready to receive the post, we implant it. Your body grows new bone cells around the post. This is called osteo-integration, and it anchors the post in place. Once your jaw is healed and the post is firmly attached to the jaw bone, we place the artificial tooth crown. This completes the process. After 20 years, a new artificial tooth crown might be needed. Most people are able to keep the same titanium post for life.

A dental implant is a more effective way at maintaining your oral health compared to doing nothing. The implant protects your jaw bone and gum tissue. It also keeps the neighboring teeth healthy and properly aligned. With an implant, your ability to chew properly will increase. You may feel more confident about your smile.

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